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Mikey’s Smoked Meats & Deli offers a wide selection of fresh smoked meats & cheeses prepared on-site.  We are located in the scenic center of the beautiful Ozark Mountains in north central Arkansas.  We are just minutes from the White River and the Ozark National Forest.  We use all natural woods native to this region.  Mikey’s Smoked Meats & Deli offers hickory-smoked barbecue, cooked in a real wood-burning pit.  Our slow cooking method requires more time and attention.  We consider it a labor of love.  We think you will agree, you can taste it in the flavor.

Brisket – Our most popular product is the Cherry Wood  Smoked Beef Brisket. We start with a hand-trimmed brisket that’s never greasy or fatty (to yield the leanest end result). This is prepared with a dry rub, and then we slow cook it for 12-16 hours.  Perfectly seasoned, the meat will melt in your mouth.  Each brisket feeds 10-12 people.

Chicken – A whole chicken, rubbed with our own cajun blend seasoning and then hickory smoked. Juicy and delicious every time.

Baby Back Pork Ribs – Tender and meaty, these succulent ribs are simply seasoned with Mikey’s famous dry rub, and then slow smoked to perfection.

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